Hunter Side Quiver

Side Quiver
Side Quiver with Pocket

The 4" Hunter side Quiver was inspired by my friend Polly. She's a compound shooter but wanted a traditional style side quiver. So I took the 4" Hunter and added straps and a belt hook. Added 3 tubes, And came up with the 4" Hunter side Quiver.

The 6" Hunter Side Quiver....
It has 4 tubes in it, and a pencil holder and a small pocket....

It doesn't get much better for long 3-D shoots

The Arrow Holster

Belt Hip Quiver
Arrow Holster with Pouch

The Arrow Holster, my newest member to my Quiver family....Is my version of the belt hip Quiver....Of course I added a little of my own flair to the Arrow Holster, there's the nice reinforced toe that adds a little class. and a little sheath that a file (6" mill), or a pencil would fit for score keeping at the 3-D shoots....
…And of course it's entirely 100 % hand stitched as are all of the products at Mikes Archery Leather....


Here's my Arrow Holster w/Pouch. It's a nice size pouch 2" thick and 7" Tall. And of course theres a pocket under the flap and there's a nice little D ring to hang something on. And as always 100% hand made and hand stitched.

Upgrade to a Latigo Arrow Holster $95


Upgrade to a Latigo Arrow Holster w/pouch $120



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