Custom Work and Special Orders

My specialty items are like everything else I create, 100% handmade and hand stitched.
Made as if I were making it for my best friend, My Customers,
Friends in Traditional Archery

On these pages you will find stuff that I dream up at night, while I'm trying to sleep. Some items will be one of a kind, but not all...
You'll never know what you're going to find here.

It could be a Hunter Armguard, made with the best leather, hand stitched, with an exotic strike plate. You may get a idea of your own from what you've seen here and want me to create something special, just for you.
Drop me a line at and let me see what I can create for you.

Quiver and Armguard Set

Hunter 6" (medium) w/Zebra
and Matching Armguard


Leather Archery Set

Bear 8" (large)
Top few inches lined with Bear
Comes as a Complete Set
Quiver, Pouch, Armguard, Water Bottle Holder
and a knife

Bear Quiver Set

Custom Leather Quiver

Buffalo Quiver 8" (Large)
Top few inches lined with Buffalo
Strap has Buffalo Nickel

with Matching Pouch

Leather Quiver Close-up
Quiver Strap

Custom Archery Quiver
Hunter 6" (medium)
Black Spring Bok

This 6" Hunter Quiver is made a little shorter - 20" for the archer with a shorter draw. Comes with matching pouch.

Custom Quiver

Additional Options